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Fourth Summer School on Formal Techniques (2014)

Q1) Who is a US-based student for the purpose of qualifying for NSF support for travel/room/board?

Any student enrolled in a US university or a post-doctoral scholar working in a US university

Q2) Will there be arrangements for transportation from the airport to Menlo College and back?

We will have a group rate fixed with Supershuttle and you will be told the code for this. You will pay the driver. If you are eligible for support, this expense will be reimbursed (up to the limit).

Q3) Can we arrive a day earlier or leave a day later?

Yes. Please let us know if you need this so that we can inform the college to reserve some rooms for those days.

Second Summer School on Formal Techniques (2012)


Q1) When do the applicants get notified about their application?

You must have been notified by now.

Q2) When and where will a lecture schedule be posted?

Q3) Would you be arranging a shuttle to the Menlo College from the San Francisco Airport on May 26?

That's the expectation. Watch this space.

Q4) For those who can't attend the Sunday lecture, can we get copies of the lecture notes/slides in advance?

Q5) Can a recording of the Sunday lecture be made available later?

Q6) What software would be good to install on our laptops before the school starts?

First Summer School on Formal Techniques (2011)

Register and log in to ask questions.


Q1) Please explain more about NSF support for the students? thanks.

NSF support is for US-based students. It will cover room and board and up to $500 in travel expenses. (This was revised down from $600 to support more students.) Non-US-based students will have to cover their own airfare and pay roughly $400 for room/board. We will specify the exact amount with the admission notice.

Q2) Do we get an email confirmation on submitting the online registration form at ?

No. The web page is the confirmation. We will be directly contacting your references, but you can also remind them.

Q3) How are the application reviewed?

We will look over the application details and reference letters to admit those candidates who we think will most benefit from their participation in the school.

Q4) When do the applicants get notified about their application?

We expect to notify applicants around April 3, 2011.

Q5) I need to apply for a US visa. For the interview, a proof that I will be attending a conference is required. When do you deliver such a document ?

Non-US participants who need a formal letter of invitation should send email to with their mailing address.

Q6) I need an invitation letter or something like that to get financial support from my institute. Could I get one from you?

Yes. See above.

Q7) Are there any costs, other than travelling, accommodation and living expenses, associated with attending the summer school itself; like inscription fees? If so, how much?

No. You will only have to cover your expenses.

Q8) Do we get a certificate for completing the class?


Q9) When is the reference letter due?

It should have been sent by Mar 31.

Q10) How will travel for US-based participants be reimbursed?

We will collect your airfare receipt from you during the school and mail you a check.

Q11) Can we arrive earlier or leave a day later?

This can be arranged. You might need to pay for the extra days.

Q12) Which airport is closest to Menlo College (MC)?

Both San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) are roughly the same distance from MC, but SFO is the most convenient. We will be arranging for Supershuttle to pick up participants at SFO and drop them off at MC. If enough people fly into SJC, we can try to arrange a shuttle from there as well.

Q13) Will the supershuttle pick up participants at a specific time, in which case we would need to be at the airport at that specific time?

Supershuttle will arrange for vans based on the arrival schedule of the participants. When you arrive at SFO, you need to go to the Supershuttle pick-up area to get on the next available van. This might involve a wait of an hour or two.

Q14) Would you suggest any specific hotel (clean/nice/close to the school) to stay in during the stay at Artherton?

We are providing accommodation in dorm rooms in Menlo College so you do not need to make your own housing arrangements. The payment of $425 for non-US participants covers room and board.

Q15) What kind of accommodation would be provided to students, if they should choose to stay at the school instead of commuting?

You will have dorm rooms in Menlo College.

Q16) If a participant decides to drive to Artherton by car will he/she be given the $500 travel expenses?

You will be reimbursed up to $500 based on the driving distance.

Q17) If a participant comes to Atherton a couple of days early and makes his/her own living arrangements till the school starts, will you still reimburse for the tickets if they are under $500?


Q18) Is there transportation from Oakland Intl. Airport (OAK) to Menlo College? Airline tickets from my local airport to OAK are significantly cheaper than to SFO (or SJC).

You might need to make your own arrangements, but we can include this in your reimbursement if the total is below $500.

Q19) I would be coming there on the 22nd of May but staying there for the whole summer on some other plans. So, my return flight would be in August. Can you still refund my airfare (upto $500) ? If not, can you at least refund the onward flight and upto what amount?

As long as you attend the school, we will reimburse your travel expenses up to $500.

Q20) I saw on this website that there will be hands-on sessions on some tools. Are we expected to bring laptops and install the tools or will you provide something for that?

Yes. You should bring laptops. You might be able to run the software on your laptop or connect to servers elsewhere.

Q21) I will first go to Los Angeles for some days. If I book the flights to LAX, from LAX to SFO and back from SFO as a package, in which case I don't know the exact amount of each flight, which parts will you cover within the $500 reimbursement? Do I need to book them separately?

This is fine, though it is possible that the reimbursement might not cover entire cost of the ticket.

Q22) Will the school's software be able to run on a laptop not running Windows 7? My laptop runs one or more of MacOS/RedHat Linux/SuSE Linux/Windows XP...

The software we'll be using: JPF, ABC, Aiger, PVS, Z3, SAL, Yices, should work on most Linuxes. If you have a Windows laptop, make sure that you can install an Ubuntu running on VirtualBox.

Q23) Is there some way to install any of the software onto my laptop before the school starts?

Yes. We'll make a link available to the software so that you can install it prior to or during the school.

Q24) Should we report flight arrival plans to someone to assist in organizing Supershuttle trips? (reference questions 12 and 13)

Yes. Please mail <name, arrival date/time, departure date/time> to

Q25) Can you post the list of students attending the school? Just curious to know who all are coming.


Q26) Are we given single rooms or shared rooms in the dorms? Can we choose whom to share with?

Single rooms.

Q27) Can non-US student get a receipt for paying the $425 expenses?


Q28) Do the dorms have kitchens? If not, where can we get food? Is it vegetarian-friendly?

Dorms don't have kitchens but you'll have eating privileges at the Menlo College cafeteria where the food is vegetarian-friendly, organic, etc.

Q29) Will you pay the baggage fee for checked-in baggage, if the fee+plane ticket is less than $500?


Q30) Will a daily schedule be posted soon?

We'll post something around the end of April. SSFT2011_Schedule

Q31) I am commuting, and I am wondering what time the classes start and end every day (8am-5pm)?

Classes run from 8.30 to 5.30PM each day. The School ends around 4.30PM on Friday.

Q32) Do the dorms have laundry services? It will help in carrying lesser clothes that way.

I expect there to be laundromats available, but will check.

Q33) Your email said that we are expected to depart on May 28, 2011. On May 28, till what time can we stay in the dorms? Can I stay in the dorms till morning of May 29?

You can arrive earlier and depart later but will have to pay about $31/night for the extra nights.

Q34) Does "Room and Board" also include bed linens?

Yes. It includes bed linens.

Q35) If we're not riding the SuperShuttle from the airport, how do we check in for the school? Are there hours in which we're supposed to check in? Where on the Menlo College campus do we go?

Someone from SRI will be manning a desk at the end of the driveway on Saturday 5/21 at 2 to 2.30PM and 5 to 5.30PM, and on Sunday 5/22 from noon to 9PM. Send email to if you are arriving at some other time.

Q36? What's the dress code for the banquet?


Q37) Can you please post links to the software tools we will be needing, so that we can make sure we have them installed and working?

The links are

 [1] for ABC,           File:Hw-linux-32bit.tar.bz2
 [2] for Aiger
 [3] for Java PathFinder, File:Jpf-core.tar.bz2
 [4] for PVS, 
 [5] for Yices,
 [6] for Z3
 [7] for the Interproc static analyzer.

Q38) Will the cafeteria be open Sunday evening (22 May), or should we eat before arriving? Are there places we can purchase food near campus that would be open Sunday evening?

The cafeteria should be open till about 6.30 or so, but there are plenty of restraunts within walking distance.

Q39) The lecture schedule on the link is missing. Where should we look for the schedule?

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